“The Black Forest” is a page chronicling the progress of building a layout in 0-scale. The name is taken from the Schwarzwald (Black Forest) area in Southern Germany. The reason for this name is because the layout will be inspired by the Schwarzwald and it’s surroundings. The layout will be built in modules, and will be a German Era III branch line with small stops and mostly single track operations.

With the exception of the rolling stock, pretty much everything will be scratch built. All tracks will be hand-laid using kits from Wenz-Modellbau. Not only is this a very interesting way of building a layout, but it is by far the best looking track I’ve seen in any scale. The selection of available track is also very impressive.

Not only does Wenz-Modellbau have track, they also have a lot of trackside accessories such as signals, catenary, manual switch levers, and much more. Their site is well worth a visit, you can find the link in the linkbox to the right.

Rolling stock will be mostly from Lenz Elektronik GMBH, inventors of DCC. Their items are very affordable, extremely detailed, and designed from the ground up with DCC in mind. Lenz locomotives come equipped with a customized version of their most advanced decoder, the Gold series. In addition they have various sounds as well as a remote controlled coupler. Their selection is somewhat limited at the time of this writing, but they’ve only been manufacturing 0-scale for a fairly short amount of time.

Due to various reasons, updates on this site will not be very regular, laying the track will take a lot of time, and there’s also my N-scale projects to work on. However, I will take pictures continuously, and I’ll try to post them as often as I can.

Enjoy ;)

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